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5 Easy Steps to Lose the First 5 Pounds

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    "Jackie's 5 Easy Steps to Lose the First 5 Pounds is the perfect guide for anyone who feels overwhelmed with how to lose weight. With her simple steps, I lost 50 pounds and have kept it off since! Thank you Jackie for giving me the confidence, guidance and tools to build a healthy sustainable lifestyle!"

    Simone A.

    San Diego, CA


    Hi there, I'm Jackie!

    I’m a Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist and the founder of Eat Right 4 Life, a nutrition coaching practice that focuses solely on helping you boost your metabolism so you can feel confident in your body, enjoy your favorite foods without feeling guilty, and finally lose weight and keep it off for good! I practice and teach mindful weight loss by helping you build a healthy sustainable lifestyle that will allow you to break free from the vicious dieting cycle and enjoy all of your favorite foods in moderation while living your best life.


    • Shed those first 5 pounds
    • Unlock your fat burning metabolism
    • Boost your energy levels
    • Eat food which will keep you full for hours
    • Set yourself up for a better night’s sleep
    • Nourish and hydrate your body
    • Enjoy movement that feels refreshing
    • Learn simple practices to manage stress